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Welcome to Dine by the Vine Hospitality

My name is Shawn Murphy,  the executive chef and president of this growing hospitality business. We operate out of our retail location, Your Farm Gate on 109 Lake st in St.Catharines, Ontario. We are a special events, and catering business. 

14504663_274954019564804_4505197522708332544_nDine by the Vine was started to insure that anyone in Niagara could have a customized dining experience that also married our vast wine region, and growing spirit and craft beer industry. Initially started in 2011, we are finally relaunching our catering operation after years of contracts and business development.

Our specialty is customizing experiences based on local ingredients following slow food ideologies with Mediterranean/Latin influences. We love for our food to show creativity and bold flavours, while being able utilize the preferred beverage as a way to enhance the over all experience.

Dine by the Vine will never present you with option 1 or 2, but a customized experience for any occasion and culinary need.

Do you have a large gathering or community event? We can cook using a technique called Asado and our open pit cooking.
Need exciting food for your wedding? We customize each menu to the season and each couple
Private gathering of friends in your home? We can bring creative meals to your table
Need Personalized Meal Plans? Dine by the Vine can create any prepared meal plan to fit your needs
Need to pull out a quick healthy meal? Dine by the Vine sells our prepared meals and box programs through our online store and retail Your Farm Gate. 


We look forward to being able to cook for you and your guests!

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